Frequently asked questions

 The FAQs provided on this page relate to general program infomation.
Note: program terms are subject to change. 
  1. What disciplines are supported by the program?
    Currently, the NDSEG program accepts 15 disciplines within the fields of Science & Engineering (S&E). A full list can be found on the home page on the "Disciplines" box.
  2. Who is eligible?
    US Citizens who are completing a Bachelors or Master's degree in a relevant field. You must apply for and be accepted into a Doctoral Program (PhD) before the fall of 2019.
  3. When does the program begin?
    The program year run September 1 to August 31.
  4. Are stipends provided?
    A monthly stipend of $3,200 is provided to fellows.
  5. Is there a service obligation associated with the NDSEG Fellowship?
    No, there is no service obligation associated with the fellowship.
  6. What are the program benefits?
    The Fellowship covers, full tuition and mandatory fees, and health insurance cost up to $1,200/year.
  7. Can I accept another fellowship in conjunction with the NDSEG Fellowship?
    Fellows are unable to accept dual fellowships.
  8. What is the length of the program?
    Currently, the NDSEG program awards fellowships that last 3 years (36 months).