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BRO Site Visit to University of Washington (UW)
On 12 October, Drs. Staffin and Lu had a meeting with Vice Provost of Research, Dr. Mary Lidstrom.  During the meeting, Dr. Lindstrom gave an overview of research community in UW and Dr. Staffin discussed DoD basic research priorities, research topics that are of interest to DoD, and department wide programs.  Drs. Staffin and Lu participated in four small group meetings with selected faculty members from the Engineering School on the research activities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, biology, novel materials, quantum information science and manufacturing.   Dr. Staffin also met with faculty members in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies to discuss the Minerva Research Initiative and space policy.  Lastly, Dr. Staffin enjoyed a one-hour meeting with nine of UW’s National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellows (NDSEG). The fellows shared their graduated school experiences, issues they faced in pursuing their degrees and exploring the applications with support of the NDSEG program.

[Photo: UW NDSEG fellows in meeting with Dr. Staffin]